As a passionate  Real Estate Business Consultant, I am dedicated to helping your company not just survive, but thrive. With my extensive experience in leadership and strategic planning, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Having tackled critical challenges faced by real estate companies, I understand the unique struggles you may encounter and am committed to providing the insights and solutions you need. 

With many years in corporate leadership roles combined with my then year journey as an Owner/Director and Licensee in Charge has given me a deep understanding of the industry's challenges and the crucial steps required for success. Additionally, my roles as a Board Director and Head of Education and Training with REINSW  have provided me with valuable insights into legislation and compliance, allowing me to advocate for improved professional standards in real estate. 

With a proven track record of helping companies scale up, I offer customized consultancy services tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's conducting thorough business health checks, providing leadership coaching, or supporting your recruitment efforts or integrating off-shore teams to enhance productivity and profitability. Having served as the former CEO of a Top 10 Ranked REB Australia office, I am confident that my skills and knowledge will greatly enhance your business operations.


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