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Julie Davis, a pioneering force in coaching and workforce transformation, dedicates her expertise to empowering individuals, teams, and businesses in the real estate industry to realise their full potential. With a firm belief in courage, passion, and targeted effort, she commits herself to turning business leaders and professionals into true industry leaders.

Her mission centers around facilitating transformative growth and enhancing collaboration within organisations. Fundamental to her approach is the innovative Contribution Compass Profiling Platform, which is adept at identifying and harnessing the natural strengths and energies of individuals and teams for organisational success.

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Transforming and Uniting Teams for Success

Julie's mission in her professional journey is centered around driving transformation, fostering growth, and enhancing teamwork within organisations. She harnesses the power of the Contribution Compass framework and methodology, expertly identifying and leveraging the innate strengths and energies of both individuals and teams for maximal effectiveness and unity.

Julie's impactful contribution to the industry has not gone unnoticed. Her work has earned her numerous accolades, including recognition as one of the top 24 Female Coaches and Trainers by the REINSW. She has been a consistent finalist in the REIQ Excellence Awards for Innovation from 2020 through 2023 and was a finalist as an Industry Influencer in the 2022 PMP Awards and the 2023 IGT Awards. Additionally, her expertise has been sought after in prestigious roles, such as being on the REIQ Judging Panel since 2021 and the REIT in 2023, highlighting her influence and respected standing in the industry.

Julie Davis isn't just a coach; she's got your back as you journey towards being the best version of yourself. With Julie's extensive experience in real estate and a deep understanding of people and personalities, Julie excels in leading her clients through a process of personal and professional evolution. It's all about making small, yet significant, changes that cumulatively lead to a major impact in their lives.

Julie's belief is that true transformation happens step by step. She helps her clients identify and implement these incremental changes, each one building upon the last, leading to a profound and lasting change. Whether it's tweaking daily routines, shifting mindsets, or developing new skills, Julie's guidance is all about harnessing the power of small changes to create a big difference.

Her work over the last decade is a testament to her expertise in enhancing team performance and leadership. Julie’s approach is not just about achieving professional success; it's about fostering personal growth, enhancing life satisfaction, and nurturing the whole individual. She's passionate about empowering her clients to discover their natural strengths and use them to lead more fulfilling lives, both at work and beyond.

In essence, Julie takes her clients on a journey of self-discovery and growth, helping them to make those small, significant shifts that can truly transform their lives.


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Julie, hailing from the picturesque Gold Coast, embodies a deep passion for self-development and lifelong learning. Her journey over the past seven years has been one of resilience and dedication, balancing her business while caring for her husband Peter, who bravely battled Motor Neurone Disease since his diagnosis in December 2015. Defying initial prognoses, Peter fought valiantly for seven years, a testament to their strength and love.

Family is at the heart of Julie's world. She is a proud mother to two wonderful daughters, both married, and cherishes her role as Nanny to four beautiful grandchildren: Kaia, aged 5, the twins Harry and Hannah, 19 months old, and 14-month-old Sadie. These joys bring a special light to her life.

Julie's days start with energy and focus, as she makes time for her health and wellbeing at the gym each morning. Another of Julie’s greatest passions is travel, embracing the adventures and experiences that it brings. Her love for exploring new places reflects her zest for life and learning, an inspiration to all who know her.