RAG Consulting was established by Robyn Gleeson, a highly experienced business owner, who now utilises that knowledge to assist others through practical, strategic and effective business consulting.

Robyn is a passionate, dynamic real estate industry leader with over 3 decades of industry experience across all aspects of real estate operations and offers coaching and mentoring around aligning to the core business values with an organisation.

Robyn has a strong reputation for being a “powerhouse” in the leadership, business operations and human resources space. Having been a business Principal for 16 years and having the hands-on experience of the day-to-day struggles has served Robyn extremely well in being able to assist others based on her extensive experience.

She has infectious, boundless energy, and offers a personable, inspiring approach to all that travel in her path. In addition, Robyn offers a holistic approach to others and encourages wellness.  life balance and a healthy mindset which are her survival tools for the long haul.

RAG Consulting is now well established and offers mentoring, strategic coaching, workshops and team group coaching to many businesses and leaders inside and outside the real estate space.


Visit Robyn's website at ragconsulting.com.au

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