A seasoned professional in the recruitment industry with an impressive 22-year tenure. Throughout her career, Kerrilee has amassed extensive experience in aiding a diverse array of organisations, including small businesses, government agencies, and global consultancy firms, in shaping and implementing effective talent acquisition strategies.

A keen observer of industry trends and challenges, Kerrilee has identified a critical link between subpar recruitment strategies and ill-informed hiring decisions. She understands how these factors can lead to poor staff engagement, which in turn negatively impacts the overall success of a business. Recognising the importance of aligning individual contributions with organisational goals, Kerrilee has become a certified practitioner in Contribution Compass performance profiling. This certification underscores her commitment to enhancing recruitment processes by aligning them more closely with the unique strengths and potential contributions of candidates, ensuring a more harmonious and productive workplace environment.

Kerrilee's approach is characterised by a deep understanding of both the macro and micro aspects of recruitment. She not only helps businesses attract top talent but also ensures that these individuals are well-suited to the company’s culture and objectives. This holistic perspective makes her an invaluable asset to any organisation seeking to optimise its talent acquisition and retention strategies.


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